Glamping in Cuyuna, MN

Most of us work tirelessly throughout the weekdays and live in either Minneapolis or surrounding cities. We live for the beautiful Minnesota summers and crave lake season all winter while we’re cooped up. Some of us have cabins, or know someone who has a cabin ‘Up North’. However, not everyone has a cabin and not everyone has a cabin that has direct bike-in, bike-out access to some of the nation’s top rated Mountain Bike Trails. Maybe some of us are even craving a different experience from the Log Cabin getaway. Something new, something different and exciting. Red Dirt country is calling and it’s time to call into work and head up to Cuyuna Country for a weekday or weekend trip. A straight shot from Minneapolis, the drive is a painless 2 hour and 20 minute route.

Combine a quick drive, affordable accommodations and being surrounded by the nations best Lake Country playground is only a few of the reasons Crosby, MN and Cuyuna are being recognized as the best getaway destinations. Minnesota retreat cabins are a better way to take you and your family away for a well-deserved break. Furthermore, Cuyana Cove Vacation Cabin Rentals are a selected few MN resorts that allow dogs. That way even four-legged family members are not left out from family vacations. Let’s face it, just because you are canine doesn’t mean you don’t need some downtime too! With our dog friendly cabin rentals in MN, it’s so easy and hassle free.

“Glamping” or camping with glamour is a great way to get most of us out of our comfort zone when we travel. Mixing nature with a modern form of camping sounds blasphemous for some, but is a good resolution for those who can’t rough it up in a tent. Camping can be a fun way to enjoy your downtime, but most of us don’t want to sleep in a thin tent with no floor, a sleeping bed on rocks, or even worse, doing our business in an outhouse! However, cabin rentals on the edge of Crosby, MN maintains our daily luxuries during your Glamping adventure. Therefore, you get the opportunity to stay close to town on 3 acres of wooded land with access to everything outdoors and still have all your creature comforts in your home away from home in MN.

Furthermore, some of us don’t like to go with the flow and opt for your standard package deal holiday. Most of the basic generic vacation getaways include a group tour to a nature reserve, historic sites and animal parks. These are usually day trips that we are hurried through and provided with a quick and vague interpretation. Nowadays, we want to submerge ourselves in the local culture whether it is at home or overseas, and be close to nature, rather than just being a witness to it. Hence the fact, Glamping is becoming a very popular way to vacation, since it allows you to do just that and not sacrifice all your conveniences.

Bear in mind that just because you are not roughing it up in a tent and enjoying the swank cabin rentals Cuyana Cove Vacation Cabin Rentals hooked you up with, it doesn’t mean you and your family members have to lock yourselves up during your stay. There are lots of activities to do in Minnesota to get you out with nature and fill your lungs with clean air. Now you may not be the most active person in the world, and have no fear, you don’t have to be. There are loads of activities for everybody depending on their fitness levels, preferences and capabilities. So, nobody is going to feel left out, nor will they have an excuse not to move their limbs for at least an hour a day.

What To Do Outside The Best Cabins in MN?

When you are on vacation, the last thing you want to do is stress out and start racking your brain about what you and your family are going to to do to enjoy the fresh air and take a break from technology. Here are a few things you can do, while enjoying your stay at your twin cities vacation rentals.

Take a Hike

Walk from your Glamping cabin and hike to some of the Nation’s most stunning lakes.

Want to see all the amazing nature around you? Get your hiking boots on and start trekking around the gorgeous scenery around. It’s healthy for you and doesn’t cost you anything! It’s the best way to explore Minnesota’s natural attractions.

Ride Your Bike

So, you hate to walk? No Problem. Go rent a bike at many of the rental bike shops around the area and cycle around the beautiful nature around you. Biking in Northern Minnesota is safe and quiet with 4,000 miles of paved trails, which many are former railroad trails, provide secluded and panoramic biking. Not to mention the renowned Cuyuna Lakes Mountain bike trail system.

Canoe Or Kayak At The Best Cabin Lakes MN

If you love water activities and it’s too hot, a day on the lake might be what you are looking for. Northern Minnesota has some of the most picturesque lakes that you can enjoy, while paddling around in a canoe or kayak. Minnesota water trails are probably the best place you can get your paddling on. These water trails are spans of rivers or lakes that are outlined for canoeing and kayaking. There are roughly 35 Minnesota state water trails, so you will have lots of places to navigate your canoe or kayak.

Go Fishing Northern Minnesota

Maybe you want to be out on the fresh, clean water, but not hassled about constantly moving around? That’s perfect, because the less you move, the more the fish will start biting! Minnesota has tons of lakes where you can catch bass, crappie, walleye and perch. Get your tackle box well stocked with all the mandatory fishing gear for a relaxing fishing getaway and a tasty fish fry for the whole family!

Take a Guided Boat Tour

Have someone take you on a tour and show you all the important sites of the beautiful parks, lakes and historic sites around your luxury cabin rentals mn. Take a seat, relax and hear the soothing narration as you sail around and discover the lakes and rivers in Minnesota state.

Winter Sports

If you decided to take a break at camper cabins in the middle of winter, there’s still a lot to do but just sit inside your luxurious cabin. Get into cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and return back to your cabin in the woods Minnesota to get warm and toasty. Preferably with a big mug of hot chocolate around the fireplace!

Glamping is an excellent way to seize your life again. You can break away from your routine, throw technology away, be with the ones you love, enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Northern Minnesota and just live in the moment! As soon as you can, make sure you rent luxury cabin rentals mn for a holiday that will help reset your mind, body and soul.