Our Story

Co-Founders Chris and Kelsey at Cuyuna, MN

Kelsey and Chris and are the Co-Founders of Cuyuna Cove, Minnesota’s first Glamping destination.

If you’re new to the term “Glamping”, it basically combines Glamorous and Camping to create an epic outdoor experience with the luxury of not being in a tent on the ground.

Chris and Kelsey grew up in St. Cloud, MN and went to Jr. High and High School together…but would NOT describe each other as being close friends, only acquaintances through mutual friends.

After high school, Chris went attended college at SCSU and Kelsey attended the University of MN Twin Cities. After college, Chris went on to grad school and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and moved to Brooklyn, NYC… and Kelsey to Austin, TX where she experienced Glamping in Marfa, TX for the very first time and was forever hooked.

Fast forward almost 12 years and they ran into each other in Minneapolis (almost 2 years ago now)….are you ready for this….on Bumble. (A dating app for those of you lucky enough to not be on one ha)


Crazy romantic right? 🤣

It was a perfect fit. Kelsey with the crazy ideas and Chris with the energy and focus to help push it into action.

First, they needed to find a place to live. Both broke from starting their lives completely over, they decided to try life on wheels and avoid paying rent. They knew they wanted to do something special with our lives. Kelsey had found out at 17 years old that she could not have children, so they wanted a different way to bring meaning into their lives and create something that can be shared for generations to come.

So, with a crazy tight budget and no building experience whatsoever, they ended up picking up a hammer and a paint brush and renovated an old 1995 30′ RV to save money and live in while they renovated a couple homes to turn into Airbnb rentals. (They still live in the RV and love it).

We cannot forget to mention their giant white, fluffy dogs living with them in their tiny home on wheels.

Now, they’re busy building their dream of modern, funky, glamorous cabins in the woods (yet still close to the old mining town of Crosby) with direct access to the the renowned Mountain Bike Trails of Cuyuna (which have been featured in Outdoor Magazine, Mpls St Paul Magazine and even Cosmopolitan Magazine!)

The area of Crosby and Cuyuna is full of rich history and has an incredible story of survival and renewal. Over 30 miles of red dirt mountain bike trails, stunning turquoise lakes and an abundance of outdoor activities for absolutely everyone!

Kelsey and Chris’s project is currently underway and they are hoping to finish at least 5 of the Glamping units by this fall. They are beyond excited that so many people are already looking forward to coming up and experiencing the ‘New North’.  No more log cabins and bear decorations, they are bringing something no one here has ever seen and we all cannot wait!